I am so grateful for Caitlin and her coaching. She rooted for me throughout my journey and made me feel so comfortable when I was vulnerable. She was patient, regularly checked-in with my mental space during our sessions and genuinely cares for her clients and their growth. Caitlin is a natural at coaching. I’ve never known someone more meant for something. Her intuition, empathy and personality are present in every session. She always made me feel safe and comfortable, even when I was very emotional. Before we started working together, I felt lost, depressed, and heartbroken. I had little trust in myself, low self-confidence and no spiritual grounding. She gave me so much more than I sought out. I now have a spiritual practice, self-worth, self-love and overall happiness. Through our sessions I found myself, forgave myself and love who I am. She showed me how to unlock the answers I already had and realize the magic inside me. I have learned so much from her. Caitlin changed my life and my self-image in more positive and transformative ways.

Gabrielle A., Professional Sports Host + Personality | Florida

Caitlin is compassionate, nurturing and offered insight for growth. During our sessions, she was always focused and professional. She created a safe comfortable space that allowed me to open up. I love that Caitlin uses her intuition as a guide to help her clients clear their emotional blocks. She helped me gain clarity and get clear on my vision. I am now focusing on my career transition and moving towards my life’s purpose. She is a true inspiration and a leader in her field.

Stacey C., Mindfulness Coach | New Jersey

About a year ago, I had to face my first heartbreak. I was devastated, I didn’t know how to handle it or how to even feel like getting out of bed. I fell into a deep depression, didn’t eat and lost all motivation for everything. I got a job and was able to distract myself at all times, but I never faced it head on. After a year at my job, we went into a pandemic and that is when I realized I never truly healed. Caitlin came into my life at the most perfect time. She helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel, feel like myself again and helped me get in touch with my head, heart and soul. Caitlin has been nothing but the brightest light in my life during such a dark time. She is so amazing at what she does and will never end the session unless you feel better than before you started. She challenges you to think outside the box and gives you homework after almost every session to better yourself. I am proud to say that I am healed and love myself more and more every day, and that is all thanks to Caitlin.

Megan M., NHL Personality | Florida

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