Hey babe! I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’re anything like me, you might describe yourself as a strong, resilient womxn who is *just a little* ambitious. You’ve been through a lot; you’ve overcome a lot; you know you’re meant for more.
This time last year, I was right where you were. I was working 50+ hours a week in a demanding, high-stress job, riddled with anxiety, all while trying to heal my trauma and connect to my soul and my purpose. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated and utterly depleted. Was this really the life I wanted and one I was willing to settle for?


I help ambitious womxn stop compromising who they are + what they desire so they can unlock true abundance, fulfillment + prosperity

I’m Caitlin. I’m a certified spiritual life coach whose mission is to help you stop self-compromising by empowering you to connect deeper with your intuition + Spirit, take intentional action, and heal your shit.
I’ve been a sensitive soul my whole life, and I’ll use my intuitive + energetic gifts to help you guide you on your journey to putting yourself first and creating the life you’re meant for.
I believe each of us is born with our own Brand of Magic, and I can’t wait to help you uncover yours.