Who I Am

A little about me. . .

I’m Caitlin Willard, CLC, CSC, and I’m The Comforted Soul Coach. 

I founded The Comforted Soul (TCS) to help enlightened, ambitious and resilient womxn such as yourself in “the work.” You know, the uncomfortable stuff – growing, healing, transitioning, ascending. It can be hard work and it tends to be even harder when you don’t feel like you have the support and guidance you need.

That’s where I come in.

The ~fancy~ letters following my name stand for Certified Life Coach (CLC) and Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC). I earned certifications in both from the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego. Completing my certifications was a two-year process – from dreaming it to actually doing it. Like you, I was doing the work and for some reason following that dream was SO HARD. I had to work through some major blocks and fears to get where I am, so just know you’re not (ever) alone. 

The dream is still in progress. One day TCS will be my full-time gig, but, for now, I also work in public relations as a senior account manager. I’ve had a career in PR for almost five years since earning my bachelor’s in mass communications from the University of South Florida in my hometown of Tampa. I moved down to South Florida in 2015 and have called Fort Lauderdale my home for the last three years. I’m a single gal and a dog mom to a 1-year-old Black Lab-Manchester Terrier mix, Pepper. 

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My mission with TCS is to help womxn feel empowered so they have the audacity to create the life they’re meant for. You are worthy of living a life you love; it is your birthright. Along the way, I’ll provide comfort in times of discomfort; to support you and help guide you on your personal discovery journey. We’re all just spiritual beings having a human experience, and despite the growing pains that can come with the human part, the discovery of your soul and authentic essence is a beautiful process. I’d be honored to be your partner on the quest. 

Love + light, Caitlin

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