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Questioning Your Abilities? Question These 8 Things Instead

If you’re experiencing imposter syndrome, then it’s likely that you’ve questioned your abilities before (or are still). But what if you’re questioning the wrong thing?

In 2020, I was working as a public relations senior account manager and dreaded logging on each day. I had this sinking, nagging feeling that I was failing at my job or that I wasn’t doing enough. I was riddled with chronic anxiety and I constantly feared that I was going to be exposed in some way. As a result, I overworked myself in an effort to prove my value and worth, which ultimately led to burnout – *shocking*, I know. I desperately wanted to quit, move to a remote island somewhere, and brush up on my bartending skills or be a hair braider or something (that’s how checked out I was LOL). But, I needed to pay my bills, and what kind of coach would I be if I ran away from my problems? Needless to say, I felt stuck in a hamster wheel crammed between a rock in a hard place.

Lucky for me at the time, I was in the process of getting my coaching certifications and had access to a variety of other coaches who supported me during such a turbulent time in my life. What I discovered through was that I was doubting the wrong thing. It wasn’t me or my abilities that were the issue; it was the company’s leadership and work environment – and how we related to one another.

So if you’re doubting your ability to do your job (which if you’ve gotten this far reading this – same boat, girlfriend), ask yourself these 8 questions instead:

Is this the right environment for me?

Are you clear on your core values? Does your company’s values align with yours?

Is this the right role for me?

Does your skillset fit within the job criteria for your role?

Is the company’s leadership empowering me?

How do you feel when you approach your company’s leadership? Are they a resource to you or is it something you avoid at all costs?

Am I getting the support I need to do my job well?

Is your company well-staffed and equipped to provide you with adequate support? Do you have a point-person that you can go to for strategy, mentorship, etc.?

Do I know what is expected of me?

Is there clear communication around what is expected of you in your role and as part of the organization?

Am I being developed?

Are you being given development opportunities to advance in your career or to keep you motivated?

Does this role and/or company fit for where I’m at on my journey?

What I mean by this is does your role and/or company work for you the way you work for it? For example, I worked in a volatile environment amid the pandemic while I was simultaneously healing some major traumas in my life. The volatility of the environment was extremely triggering to me leading to increased anxiety and stress. I was finding it impossible to heal while I was constantly being triggered by an environment I was giving 50+ hours of my week to.

Does this work light me up?

Are you feeling inspired/motivated by the work you’re doing or is it draining you?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, then it’s time to question your job instead of yourself.

And if you would like support, you don’t have to do it alone. We can take a deeper dive into your answers to these questions and much more if you book a free Empowered Clarity Call with me today.