My Approach

No two people are the same and they should not be coached as such.

The biggest part of my own unique approach is using my intuition and energetic gifts to guide and support you on your journey and relay important messages (what I call downloads) from your spiritual connection, guides, etc.

In addition to my intuition, I integrate elements of Human Design into my practice. Human Design combines two things that I love – astrology and the Chakra system – as well as I Ching and Kabbalah. Essentially, I use your birth data to run your Human Design chart which helps to show me the energetic flow within your system. I’m not an expert at reading these charts (yet), but I utilize the illustration to identify what energetic type you are to help me better coach you based on how you operate and interact with the world. As part of your coaching package with me, you’ll receive a digital copy of your chart and a brief synopsis on your energetic type and profile.

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