Inner vs. Outer Compromise

I was recently listening to an audio contemplation of the 14th Gene Key by Richard Rudd. For those of you reading this who might not know what the Gene Keys are, I would encourage you to visit to learn more about Richard and the teachings of the Gene Keys.
The transformational path of the 14th Gene Key moves from compromise to bounteousness; it’s a path of competence. This particular Gene Key is present in my hologenic profile as my evolution – what I’m meant to learn.
Compromise has been a central theme of my life (as it is of most people’s lives), but it’s one I only recently became conscious of. So, discovering that I had Gene Key 14 in my profile was validating to the work I’ve been doing with myself, my therapist and my coach. I’ve been learning how making inner compromises impacts my life, relationships and overall happiness. I’ve also been learning how it impacts my intuition, spirit and trust in myself. This is why compromise is the focus and center of my coaching practice because I guide + support others by living + embodying.

At this point you might be asking yourself, what is an inner compromise? Are there outer compromises?

The answer to the latter is yes. There are two types of compromise – inner and outer. To better understand the differences between the two, it’s sometimes easier to see how they relate to one another.
An example scenario is let’s say your best friend just broke up with their long-term partner and they ask you to come over because they need your support but you’ve already made plans to go on a date. You might be disappointed to cancel the date, but you love your best friend and know that your loyalty lies with them. This is an outer compromise – generally a compromise that disrupts plans. On the other hand, you might decide to go on the date because you don’t want to cancel and come off as a flake or you fear that the person will lose interest in you. What’s important to note here is what’s going on on the inside.
If you decide to go over to your best friend’s because your love for them is greater than the disappointment of canceling the date, then you haven’t made an inner compromise despite making an outer compromise. As Richard so elegantly put it in the contemplation I was listening to: “To live without inner compromise is to live a life of deep honor and virtue.”
Involves your love, honor, integrity + values
Based in fear + lack
Betrays personal boundaries
Made with others’ wants, needs, desires in mind
Feels wrong when you make it
Involves plans, expectations, pressure + people-pleasing
Based in trust + worth
Upholds personal boundaries
Made with your highest + greatest good in mind
Feels right when you make it

2 thoughts on “Inner vs. Outer Compromise

  1. Hi Caitlin – I was listening to the same audio when I wasn’t quite getting the diff btw the inner and outer compromise so I googled it and found this! Question – in the top line of your comparison table – surely they should be the other way around? The outer compromise is the on that Involves your love, honor, integrity + values whereas the INNER compromise is where you make the decision based on people pleasing and expectations. Rudd def didn’t explain this that clearly – I’ve been going through it for 30 mins – and your notes helped but then I realised the first line doesn’t add up with what’s below it! Do let me know – I am determined to get this straight. It feels important. Plus this subject happens to be at the root of a major conflict I had with someone this week – so it felt totally synchronistic to suddenly stumble onto this while looking into my gene keys!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for your comment. I could see how this could be confusing. The reason I listed them in the columns I did is because when you make an inner compromise, you’re actually compromising your love, honor, integrity and values; where as when you make an outer compromise it normally affects plans, expectations, etc. Does that make sense? It’s a great time to be contemplating the 14th Gene Key because we just experienced the Scorpio full moon and lunar eclipse in Gate 14 🙂

      Anyway, hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email:

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